Vinotheque cellar Bruendlgraben


Storing wine


Not every wine tastes best at a young age. Especially strong, full-bodied wines need time to develop. Time for ripeness, harmony and approachability. On the one hand time to deposit their youthful vigor and freshness and on the other to gather graceful experience. The Winzer Krems wines can get this time in our wine shelves in the “Jansa” -cellar. Under ideal conditions your specialties have all the time in the world for to mature - and we look after them.

Under the mighty loess layers of the Kremser Sandgrube are great requirements for the storage of wines: constant cold temperatures and high humidity. You can hire our wine shelves for your Winzer Krems wines to the following terms:

  • The capacity of each shelf is approximately 180 bottles (maximum 4 varieties)
  • The contribution for the using is € 48.00 per year and shelf (incl. VAT)
  • It is just allowed to store only from Winzer Krems purchased wines.
  • Once a year every owner of a shelf gets the possibility for a free wine tasting with 6 wines + a glass sparkling wine  for 10 persons in the tasting room of the “Hut”-cellar
wine shelves in the "Hut"-cellar