Vinotheque cellar Bruendlgraben




The information about your event or your wine shelf in the vinotheque cellar Bruendlgraben.


Your event in the vinotheque cellar Bruendlgraben

Rent for the cellar for 6 hours: € 180.00 incl. VAT
per additional hour or part thereof: € 36.00 incl. VAT

Rental conditions vinotheque cellar Bruendlgraben

  • Beverages: exclusively from WINZER KREMS with  ex-cellar prices
  • Catering by a WINZER KREMS suggested partner from Krems
  • Smoking ban in all rooms
  • The play-back of music is not allowed.
  • Closing time at 11.00 p.m.
  • Bookable from Monday to Thursday

Weinerlebnis SANDGRUBE 13 wein.sinn
Phone: 02732-85511-33

Hire a wine shelf

  • Capacity for approximately 180 bottles per shelf with maximum 4 varieties
  • Contribution for using: € 48.00 incl. VAT per year and shelf
  • The storage in the wine shelf is just allowed for qualities which are directly purchased at WINZER KREMS.
  • Once a year every owner of a shelf gets a free wine tasting with 6 wines + a glass sparkling for 10 persons in the tasting room of the “Hut”-cellar

Information about the wine shelves:
Franziska Thaler
Phone: 02732-85511-51

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